Mackenzie’s life, according to Mackenzie, was the most mundane thing in existence. Nothing excited ever happened to her, and unlike the teenagers in her beloved TV shows, she was in herself a mundane person. She wasn’t the homecoming queen, nor was she the ugly, socially-inept nerd who never got a date to prom and wore knitted jumpers her mother had made for her in an attempt to look “stylish” and “cool”- she was merely a normal girl- an extra in the great TV show of another more interesting person’s life- the blank, unsmiling nobody who never had anything interesting to add to anything.

She was disgustingly normal.

Most days of her life were the same, with very little changes in them, almost as if things had to be switched up in order for her not to die from boredom, like her guardian angel changed the tiniest things for her in order to prevent her from going insane. However, from those days came forth the day that changed everything. Mackenzie never really understood why these events took place, but they just did. She believed she wasn’t deserving of them.


Before the details of the day that changed everything (and everything after that) unfolds, it must be understood that Mackenzie had a crush on a boy who didn’t know her name, but she knew him. Oh, did she know him. She felt as if she knew everything about him. She had looked into the deep depths of those amber-flecked eyes briefly as he walked down the hall during the first day of school, and from that moment she knew she made a deep connection with him. He never looked at her, or was in any of her classes, but yet she knew their souls were connected. She was in love, and she knew she was in love because every time she masturbated she thought of him, and every time she climaxed she felt herself breathe the name “David.” But on this day, her belief that they were in love was confirmed when he asked her out on the day that changed everything.

He approached her in the hallway, shadows of people walking past, kissed her lips and asked her to prom, and she, kissing his lips, agreed. On that day, she felt as if everything was falling in place. The popular girls, finding that David had asked this nobody to prom, sat next to Mackenzie’s friend group and began speaking to her almost as if they had been close friends for years. They spoke to Mackenzie and only Mackenzie, and she, discarding her old friends, fit in with her new friends like a glove. They spoke about their dresses and hair, how one girl’s father was going to drive her to prom in his own limousine. Another spoke of how dress was from a designer in Paris and asked Mackenzie if she wanted a dress from the same designer, saying her parents would pay. Mackenzie of course agreed. The afternoon passed like a flap of a butterfly’s wings. David asked her to meet him at his house at 8, and at that time they had sex on his parents’ bed. The parents were absent for all Mackenzie cared. She didn’t care. All she cared about was the fact she lost her virginity to her one true love.

On the night of prom, she entered in a glittering dress and everyone looked upon her beauty. She was no longer the boring girl no-one really noticed. She was popular and beautiful and dating David. All the girls whispered to each other, their beady eyes locked on her, saying how they wish they were Mackenzie and how jealous they were of her. All the boys just stared at her in awe, their jealousy fizzing inside of them. As she and David danced, it was almost as if the world stopped in admiration of the lovely young couple dancing in the centre of the globe. All hail the King and Queen of Prom! The rulers of the school hierarchy! The beautiful young lovers!

And then, Mackenzie woke up for the first time in a month, her glittering gown disintegrating into a hospital gown.


“Yes, baby? I’m here, Mackenzie, I’m here!”

Her mother embraced her, her tears of joy falling on Mackenzie’ pallid forehead.

“Mom? Mom?”

“Mackenzie, what?”

“Where’s David?”

Her mother stopped. She let go of Mackenzie slightly in order to look her in the face.

“David? Who’s David, baby?”

“David, my boyfriend Mum! David, David, why isn’t he here?”

“Sweetheart, you don’t know anyone called David. You’ve been in a coma for four weeks!”

“Mackenzie will be confused, Mrs Schwimmer,” a cold doctor’s voice said. “We should give her some space and come back in a few minutes.”

“No!” Mackenzie screamed. “Where’s David! Where’s David! Where’s my boyfriend?”

“Sweetheart, you don’t have a boyfriend!”

“Mrs Schwimmer!” the doctor said, almost aggressively, pulling Mackenzie’s mother away from her daughter, screaming and crying tears of heartbreak from a boy who didn’t even know her name.

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