Unless you have been living under a rock, which has made you unable to follow the various escapades of today’s beautiful and famous, then you will have heard of the Kardashian-Jenner family. With their bronzed perfectly sculpted and contoured faces and their designer attire, it can’t be argued that the Kardashians have not taken the world by storm. Adore them or despise them, they have had an immense influence on both the fashion and the media of today’s appearance-obsessed world. But the question on the minds of many middle-aged dads and sensible people who are too scared to ask is, why have so many people fallen head over heels in love with one family, who, before their TV show was created, were just a normal American family?

One reason they are popular might be due to their hit TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which in its ninth season racked up an incredible 3.3 million viewers. The show was created in 2006 after Kris Jenner, the mother of the famous Kardashian sisters, voiced an interest in being in a television show with them. The people who worked at the TV channel E! knew that the reality TV show “The Osbournes” was a huge success which focused on the lives of the family of heavy metal rock star Ozzy Osbourne. It was, and still is, an addictive Hollywood equivalent to “The Simpsons,” the only difference being that the Kardashians are extremely wealthy and feed off of the Western world’s obsession with fame and capitalism. The family have a solid foundation of mutual love and respect whilst engaging in a few squabbles minor enough to be entertaining, but still meaty enough to be sheepishly intriguing, possessing the sort of appeal that leaves you exclaiming “I can’t watch!” while half-opening one eye so you can still follow every tidbit of drama unfolding. The leak of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape in 2007 helped the family’s rise to fame since it was released a couple of months before the first episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” aired, gaining her a lot of media attention, more than she was given when she was personal assistant to fellow socialite Paris Hilton.

Once the Kardashians had rose to popularity, they realised they were able to complete a Pokémon style evolution from a family to a fully blown brand reaching out to multiple demographics. The Kardashians™ have made millions selling clothes, makeup and even mobile games. In June 2014 a game called “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” was released on iOS and Android by mobile game developers Glu Mobile. The goal of the player is to increase their reputation and fame, surprisingly enough in the glittering, cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Hollywood, and unsurprisingly the game was immensely popular. They have been able to extend themselves to various industries, due to Kim Kardashian’s adventures in business, and the Jenner twins’ efforts in fashion, makeup products and modeling respectively.

The OJ Simpson case could also be mentioned as a reason why the Kardashian family has become prominent. The OJ Simpson case is probably one of the most controversial court cases of US history, managing to split the United States, making it as un-united as ever. Many were swayed by Simpson’s reputation as a successful football player with many falling at his feet, in awe of his golden, unbreakable persona, the unstoppable ‘Juice’, who had many people believing, in spite of the overwhelming evidence, that he did not murder his wife and her lover and he was an innocent victim of police racism. Simpson was defended by a group of lawyers later known as the “Dream Team,” Rob Kardashian, the father of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian and ex-husband of Kris Jenner, being one. Along with his colleagues, the father of the now unstoppable Kardashians was propelled into a whirlwind of media attention, taking his family with him.

There are a great many ingredients to the Kardashian cake of fame. From something as serious as the OJ Simpson case to a mobile game, the Kardashians have involved themselves in every event that has had any influence on anything since the late 20th century, and they show no signs of stopping. Despite receiving a great deal of criticism of deriving fame from people’s obsession with materialism and conning their way into people’s wallets and hearts through fabricated story lines on their TV show and empty lip kit boxes, it is an undeniable fact that in some way they are clever in fulfilling their unquenchable desire for fame, and who can blame them for wanting fame and fortune in a world which measures the worth of a person by how many followers they have on Instagram or how many designer brands they wear.

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